SPC is Canada’s most amazing loyalty card that provides students with discounts and deals at thousands of stores and restaurants across Canada. 

Savings on fashion, dining, sporting, beauty, lifestyle and more.  Show your SPC Card at thousands of participating locations to receive instant discounts every time you shop. Offers vary but the most common are 10%-15% off*. Check out our DEALS page - or even better - download our new, crazy, cool mobile app to find all SPC locations, discounts, deals and offers. 

The card is accepted at thousands of locations across Canada. Plus, there are hundreds of local stores in your area offering you additional cool savings. 

Yes – of course it is. SPC Card is an exclusive student membership program. Any age student can use an SPC Card.

SUCH AS: elementary, junior high school, secondary school, CÉGEP, college, university, private and public academies and schools of special focus or interest (e.g. language schools). 

Students that are 16 years of age or older may be asked to show valid student ID in order to be eligible to get the discounts. SPC partners have the right to refuse any discount if student ID is not shown.

Definitely NOT!  SPC CARDS ARE FOR STUDENTS ONLY!  Parents cannot use the SPC Card on behalf of the student. If a parent is paying for the purchase then the child must be present and ONLY the child’s items are eligible for applicable discounts. 

If you’re over 16 yes! SPC partners have the right to ask for student ID to make sure that the person using the card is a student. If you don’t have a valid student ID, your discount may be refused.

Exceptions: VIP SPC Card holders, BMO SPC MasterCard holders and students under 16 do not need to show student ID.

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It’s like a credit card, if you don’t sign the back you can’t use it. Partners won’t accept the card if it is not signed as they might need to match it to your student ID.  

Oh it does! Your SPC Card is valid from August 1, 2017 until July 31, 2018.

Each year new SPC Card must be purchased. The expiry date is printed on the back of the card and doesn’t change regardless of when you buy the card- so make sure you buy it in August!

Exception: BMO SPC MasterCard expiry date varies and is printed directly on the credit card.

Don’t even try! Here comes the legal stuff…

Terms of use: SPC Cards may not be shared and are non-transferable. Card sharing is strictly prohibited and constitutes fraud. Any cardholder who shares their SPC Card will have their privileges revoked. In addition, SPC Card partners have the right to seize a card if it is used by someone: 

  • other than the person whose signature appears on the back of the card.
  • who is not a student. 


Sorry, but you’re going to have to buy a new one. We don’t replace lost or stolen cards as they can’t be traced.

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SPC Card is valid across Canada regardless of which province you bought the card in. Check out our Deal Finder and see all the cool places where you could save in your area. 

Don’t want to pay the $10 to receive the incredible benefits of SPC?  

Everything you want, times two. With exclusive offers, no fees, and SPC savings built right in. The NO FEE BMO SPC cards are made just for students.

Get discounts from SPC Card retailers and restaurants when you pay with your BMO SPC MasterCard. When paying with your BMO SPC MasterCard you must notify the cashier BEFORE paying that you qualify for your discount. Please ensure that your discount has been applied at the point of sale. At places that do not accept MasterCard you only need to show your BMO SPC MasterCard for the discount and then pay with cash or debit. 

The VIP SPC Card is a limited edition promotional card. They are not for sale and can’t be renewed. VIP SPC Cards do not require student ID. 

If you have any questions about SPC discounts and deals or if you just wanna chat shoot us an email!  questions@spccard.ca

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Visit the BMO MasterCard Self-Serve website or call the BMO MasterCard Client Contact Centre at 1-800-263-2263.

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